Famke Janssen Nude

When we all saw Famke Janssen onscreen, we knew she was an exotic hottie, and not some typical starlet from some small town trying her luck in LA, didn’t we?  No, she had a strong presence and look, and as it turned out, Famke Janssen was from the Netherlands.  Being an open-minded European, there was always the chance of catching Famke Janssen nude, which just added to her appeal.  But this Dutch babe was also more than just a beautiful face, she was a very talented actress too.

Famke moved to the US in 1984 and started out as a model, as befitting a striking brunette like her, but she wanted to do more than just pose and preen for the cameras, so she auditioned and soon got a part on an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation“.  This role on a genre show proved to be prophetic, because she achieved worldwide fame later on co-starring in a blockbuster genre movie with another cast member of this show, Patrick Stewart.

But first there were other film and TV roles to take, though with just her second movie, Famke Janssen already achieved what most girls just dream about: she became a Bond girl with her role as Xenia Onatopp in “Golden Eye”, Pierce Brosnan’s first outing as the British secret agent.  Since then, she’s had a successful career, playing varied roles in various productions, from commercial genre films like “Deep Rising“, “The Faculty” and “House On Haunted Hill” to smaller films like “Eulogy” or “The Treatment”.

But of course her most famous role is that of Jean Grey in the blockbuster X-Men movie series.  These well-loved comic book adaptations have grossed hundreds of millions of dollars, and she’s an integral part of that franchise.  That makes her visible to millions of people every year as those movies are shown on cable, TV and through DVD, raising her profile and giving us more opportunities to check her out.

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